Central-Asian Fashion Summit

This project aims to foster a sense of solidarity and reinvention between diverse creative fashion communities in Central-Asia (in the region). The imaginative solutions of the fashion sector can bring new perspectives to tackle global sustainability challenges, which are high on the agenda now in Central-Asia and Europe.


Jointly with European Institutes of Culture and local partners we will use the forthcoming months to create, disseminate and promote outputs in the buildup of Central-Asian Fashion Summit in digital, physical or blended form alone with our digital portal, which we will present at our Central-Asian Fashion Summit in March 2022 in Turkestan city of Kazakhstan, the local spiritual, cultural crossroad, the internet of fashion.


Our project will connect varied groups of fashion professionals in order to create a legacy of further exploitation and collaboration once more recognizable ways of creating and working. Physically, digitally and together!


Our event in Turkestan will be in a hybrid form, so anyone interested to participate could do it easily with on-line and off-line registration. We will kick-off with a nomadic program about textiles in Tashkent and travel to Turkestan, exploring how local artisans work with materials such as felt, silk and wool. In Turkestan with our Central-Asian Summit we will try our participants to think about the processes of making and designing in the field of fashion, exploring new business models, also being in Almaty.


Not only being innovative and use design-thinking methodologies in the local fashion sector is important. What is important is to help bridge the gap between fashion, design, arts and crafts, execution and presentation to the outside world! Finding new business models for the local fashion creatives in Central-Asia is the priority as well! This will be one of our essential topics we would discuss and look closer at during our events in Tashkent, Turkestan and Almaty.


This project will change perspectives on Central-Asia as a creative hub, in particularly reversing the digital and educational divide. It will expand the notion of Central-Asia as an open and shared fashion hub for everyone, including local and national decision-makers.


Our platform will be the hotspot to share experiences, knowledge, skills, stories, ideas and resources of solidarity across Central-Asia and Europe, especially outside mainstream public attention. It will maintain local cultural life and social experiences with European outreach in times of home lockdown and will prepare the ground for cultural and spiritual revival of Central-Asian fashion designers.


Our focus on digital knowledge sharing and artistic collaborations during our Central-Asian Fashion Summit is perfectly suited to the new normal, post-pandemic reality. This ensures a wider audience, a space, where knowledge is shared and different perspectives co-inspire and create a shared sense of value.

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