Caravan Cultura

Dear colleagues and friends

My name is Yelena Kharitonova. After traveling, studying and working in different countries, I have founded Caravan Cultura.

The image of the Silk Road and caravans with its fascinating history gave me an idea and inspiration to create my “Caravan Cultura”. The perpetual motion of culture in Space and Time continuity become a leitmotif for Caravan Cultura.

Caravan Cultura can...

find cultural solutions to political/social issues and connects non-traditional partners; act as a "cultural mediator" for trans-border issues of cultural integration between Europe and Eurasia; and organizes "customer-tailored" cultural programs; provide professional expertise in the intercultural issues faced by Eurasia (through competence analysis, coaching and counseling); offer cultural exchange opportunities through "citizen diplomacy" (promoting direct cross-cultural dialogue between people of Europe and Eurasia); give EU intelligence - overview and analysis of current EU issues regarding culture and cultural diversity related to Eurasia; inform Strategic EU funding support for cultural projects. European strategic networking including a successful EU Fundraising for cultural projects; provide benchmarking of different European Funds, tips and contacts, which will allow easily, find the way through the EU funding labyrinth; facilitate communication between different inter-cultural partners.

New Platform: Tzsarina

Tzsarina is new Female FashionTech Platform, where I will create a space for access, creation of knowledge and sharing it about Fashion and New Technologies, since we are becoming more dependable and integrated with devises, the influence of wearable’s dramatically increases!


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