Central-Asian European Creative Alliance

Central Asia and Europe have always been active partners and nowadays would like to continue this journey of existing achievements and successes, filling in the gaps and moving on to newly emerging areas and fields of cooperation by “working better together” and bolstering synergies in order to lift it to more prominent level of creative collaborations. Central Asian European Creative Alliance is a new and independent platform to do so!


Central-Asian European Creative Alliance’s mission is to stimulate the development of Central-Asian and European relations in the field of cultural and creative industries and educational exchanges in these fields.


represents all discipline of the rich palette of cultural and creative spheres between Central-Asia and Europe. It is an expanding the platform for dialogue and understanding, serious exchange of knowledge, methodologies and experiences.


cooperates with different organizations in Central Asia and Europe, as well as other International organizations on the topics, which are impacting cultural and creative industries.


plays an important role in strengthening the competitiveness of creative sector in Central-Asia.


promotes the richness of Central-Asian culture and creativity in Europe by organizing cultural presentations, by cultivating a positive image of the region for Europeans and vice-versa.


offers opportunities for its members, partners and friends to validate theirs knowledge and results with colleagues, find suitable partners for future international projects, programs and exchanges.


stimulates academia exchanges via annual forums and publications in professional journals in Europe.


serves as a one-stop-shop for different matters regarding Central-Asian creative initiatives in Europe.


creates educational and placement opportunities for students, graduates, volunteers and professionals from cultural and creative sector in Central-Asia, as well as helps with the job-shadowing for EU-professionals.


helps to promote interests of creative partners from Central Asia at the level of EU’s institutions.


plans to organize annual Nauryz Festival at the European Parliament, participate in other creative and artistic initiatives at EU level (such as Dutch Design Week, Brussels Fashion Days, Art Brussels, Art Rotterdam, BRAFA and TEFAF), presenting creative talents from Central Asia, by initiating them.


organizes annual design festival in different Central-Asian countries remotely and nomadically.


adopts philanthropic initiatives for cultural and creative sector as a “new normal” for its activities.

More about CAECA

CAECA is based in Brussels, Belgium as an International Non-Profit Association according to Belgian Law.


CAECA is founded by two founding members: Yelena Kharitonova and Aika Jaxibai. Members, advisors and partners will be invited to join the Alliance by special invitations from the founding members.


CAECA plans to be a member of other international and European organizations, while widening its network.


Communication will be done via a website (to be realized soon) and different social media available.

Get in touch

If you would like to be up dated or receive more information please write an email to: yelena@caravancultura.eu